The Flower Bank is about bringing joy and beauty into the lives of people who can least afford it and finding an alternative use for flowers that would otherwise be wasted.

In November 2016 whilst a mature student at Capel Manor College I created the project The Flower Bank, since then all my passion has gone towards this enterprise.  In March 2017 I was given a ‘Do It’ Award from UnLtd, the organisation for Social Entrepreneurs, which has enabled me to take the project further and broaden its original remit.

The Flower Bank reduces flower and foliage wastage by taking unwanted, past their sell by date, produce from a number of supermarkets in North London.  We weed out unusable material and with a bit of expert alchemy turn these into beautiful gifts for disadvantaged sectors of the community in Barnet and Haringey.

Since January 2017 young offenders from Haringey have been helping me to create and deliver weekly designs for Priscilla Wakefield House, Haringey’s Contact Centre and Lady Sarah Cohen House in Friern Barnet.  From the beginning of October we're delighted that we're going to be supplying the Registry Office at Wood Green Civic Centre with a weekly floral display.

In July 2017 myself and 2 volunteers created a small fairy garden for residents at Apthorp Court, New Southgate.  Using re-cycled pots and plants from the supermarkets we were able to create a small fairy-like world in a corner of their garden.  We have plans to repeat this at sheltered housing in Haringey.

Every 4 – 6 weeks I hold a gardening club with anywhere between  8 – 15 residents at Goodwin Court, East Barnet,  Apthorp Court, New Southgate and Friends in Need, East Barnet.  In the summer myself and Norman a resident at Goodwin Court planted up raised beds with herbs and shrubs donated from Morrisons and Aldi in an attempt to brighten up their garden.  I'm pleased to report that the parsley we planted is doing fabulously well. and a future project is to grow fruit and vegetables for the residents to eat and cook with.

The residents at all the homes we visit love "the flower lady" and enjoy our activities and visits.  To see Testimonials from the organisations we work with click here.

Up till now I've been doing all this work from the kitchen table in my house and my back yard - but I've been looking for suitable premises to grow into and hope to have an exciting announcement soon which will enable us to expand. 



The Flower Bank is a social enterprise, governed by a council of Trustees.  The council’s role is to set the social enterprise’s direction, monitor the delivery of the social enterprise’s objects, uphold its values and governance and guide, advise and support the Director.

Brian Beaton - Appointed Trustee of the Flower Bank in September 2017.  Brian is passionate about supporting and enabling people to connect with their individuality and discover their creativity and self motivation.  Brian has supported, coached and trained people of various ages for many years.  The Flower Bank is a fantastic way to bring focus, happiness and great energy into people's lives.

Chris Bentil - Appointed Trustee of the Flower Bank in September 2017.  Chris has more than 25 years of professional experience in HMRC.  He is passionate about social justice, alleviating poverty and making a difference,  In his personal life he is part of a fundraising committee that sends much needed books and equipment to schools in Ghana.

Caroline Boyle - Appointed Trustee and first Chair of the Flower Bank  in September 2017.   Caroline has been  immersed in the world of horticulture for the past 30 years.  She leads an in Bloom Group with its own community garden and programme for young people, takes part in the Open Gardens Scheme and has won an RHS Medal for garden design.  She is also a ceramicist making pots for the outdoors and a Trustee of Take a Pride in Perthshire.

Janine Coke - Appointed Trustee and first Secretary of the Flower Bank in September 2017.  Janine has worked with young people for the past 10 years helping and supporting them to make positive changes in their lives.  Her understandng of the challenges they face allows her to see the importance of being able to express themselves in an innovative way.  The Flower Bank helps to provide them with a sense of pride and a feeling of achievement in themselves.

Jelena Hill - Appointed Trustee of the Flower Bank in September 2017.  Jelena has worked within Haringey's Youth Justice Service for over 12 years.  She has a passion for exploring young people's hidden talents which she helps them showcase in a variety of reparation projects.  Jelena is a people person and is very passionate about her job and the families she works with. 

Andrew Tuckett - Appointed Trustee and first Treasurer of the Flower Bank in September 2017 Andrew is a Chartered Accountant and works for an investment management firm in the City of London.  With strongly held views on the environment and sustainability, he was attracted to join the Board of Trustees by the Flower Bank's innovative comibination of re-cycling and community support.  



" I have had 2 pillow wreaths from Ursula at The Flower Bank, they were both lovely and different, demonstrating creativity and imagination.  I chose The Flower Bank to create the wreaths because Ursula demonstrates ingenuity in how she sources and uses the materials for the job, such as the flowers.  Ursula listened to what I wanted and worked successfully to produce something that was pleasing to see.  I would highly recommend The Flower Bank and Ursula's services." Trish DaCosta-Solomon (May 2018)

"I am the Centre Co-ordinator at Friend in Need, East and The Flower Bank project is very productive with more and more people and organisations in our community.   I am very grateful to Ursula for providing us with her very imaginative and unique creations every week.  Friend in Need Community Centre is a charity which provides services to elderly people in the East Barnet area and this Easter week Ursula managed to treat all our members with a bunch of daffodils which made them so happy."  Friend in Need, East Barnet (April 2018)

"The Flower Bank has been delivering to GoodwinCourt in East Barnet for several months now.  The Flower Bank holds flower arranging sessions for our tenants/residents on a bi-monthly basis and delivers wonderful displays once a week to our Reception which our tenants really appreciate."  Goodwin Court, East Barnet, EN4 (August 2017)

"We have been receiving floral arrangements from the Flower Bank since January 2017.  They are always reliable and deliver the arrangements with a smile.  The arrangements have been commented on by many visitors and help to create a welcoming atmosphere at our Reception.  We have also given some arrangements to our residents who have been delighted to receive them. 

We would like to say a big THANK YOU" Priscilla Wakefield House, Seven Sisters, London N15 (May 2017)