Bringing joy and beauty to Haringey

Yesterday with the help of Haringey’s Young Offenders we created a floral installation for Haringey’s Unsung Women’s awards. Thank you to branches of Aldi for continuing to support The Flower Bsnk.

Every Thursday (regardless of whether I’m working with young offenders) I drop flowers at Priscilla Wakefield House and this week I was fortunate to have the most beautiful pink flowers from Marks & Spencer - thank you.

I left a bunch of flowers early one frosty Sunday morning outside Spurs new stadium - they were gone within 30 minutes!

At this morning’s session I had just received a delivery of flowers from Aldi Tottenham and so the young people and I sorted through the wraps and conditioned the flowers. The young people at the session produced some beautiful arrangements and I was very proud of them.

On Thursday 29 November The Flower Bank was fortunate enough to take part in Haringey’s annual Expo event at Tottenham Town Hall. This year I took a young person with me who was able to create designs in front of interested on lookers. The Flower Bank also was runner up in the Improving skills of Haringey residents and I was honoured to receive the commendation.

On Tuesday October 9th I took part in Haringey’s People’s Day organised by the amazing Councillor and Deputy Mayor Sheila Peacock- it was an honour to be part of such a great showcase of voluntary groups in Haringey.

At today’s session we picked purple chrysanthemums that are growing in the garden at Pulford Road and we were able to use them in our design for Priscilla Wakefield House.

Saturday 16 September was a glorious day at Lordship Rec. It’s a real pleasure to see the entries for the show and I’m absolutely delighted to be part of it. I ran a plastic bottle gardening programme and the children and adults really loved bed it

So thrilled to be finally able to use flowers grown in our garden in N15 in an arrangement.

This wedding arrangement was created by a novice to The Flower Bank but he was thrilled with the result.

Just one of the many arrangements created from the gorgeous donation of flowers from Sue Arran

I had forgotten how much I love alliums - the purple flower head contrasts beautifully with the yellow chrysanthemums.

We had some lovely hydrangeas which we thought would be great to make the football from.

We tried to create a Jules Rimet trophy and England football.

I thought it would be whimsical to give our arrangements a World Cup theme at our Friday session. Everyone enjoyed creating these designs.