Bringing joy and beauty to Haringey

For the past 3 sessions I’ve been fortunate enough to have the same 2 young people. They’ve really taken to floristry which I’m delighted about. This week they both made frames from Midilino sticks and chicken wire and then made the flower arrangements.

At last week’s session we made a family of dogs from Chrysanthemums and Carnations. Mine was the worst - the 2 young people really loved their designs.

Everyone had wedding fever this weekend which made creating this design for Haringey’s Registry Office more symbolic.

Thanks to Aldi & Morrisons for the wonderful lilies that I was able to mix together.

I love the colors in this bowl

I wanted to create a Spring meadow with this design.

These flowers were a joy to work with.

Celebrating Arsenal’s win on Thursday night Reece decided to make his design in their colours

To all the mothers, stepmothers, foster mothers and carers - Happy Mothers Day.

The sunshine was out this morning and the flowers were tropical - summer’s just round the corner.

I love this combination of orchids and twisted Salix.

First outing for the teapot in 2018.

I love these 2 arrangements - a tropical touch in freezing January

After a week’s break for Christmas and New Year The Flower Bank began sessions with Young Offenders again today. Some great work was produced and I really enjoyed working with this young person - he understood instinctively about working with the shape of the Flower stems and foliage’s shape.

On Wednesday I spent an hour or so with residents at the Meadows - although all the residents have dementia we were able to produce this lovely Christmas design.