Bringing joy and beauty to Haringey

The young people are becoming more confident with colour and shape and experimenting. It’s amazing what they can produce after just 2 sessions.

For someone who knew nothing about Flowers the young person this morning understood repetition and colour very quickly. He was a great student and enjoyed himself in the end.

I had forgotten how much I loved the low coffee table design. There’s something about the geometry of this design which make it looks so good.

This final design was a joint effort by both young people - their collaboration was well received by its recipient Lady Sarah Cohen House.

The young person who worked on this design has got a great eye for colour and shape.

The residents made some lovely wreaths too - one of which was made from wire cost hangers.

Christmas really is on the way - I spent the afternoon st Priscilla Wakefield House making this tremendous wreath

A great morning’s work with 2 young people and beautiful flowers from Morrisons. The weather was cold outside but the roses we worked with made us think it was summer!!

I love using this crockery for my designs - the green is a gorgeous shade and the shape and size make it perfect for most designs.

I love the skimmia in this arrangement the berries are a vibrant red and very juicy.

Haringey Registry Office’s delivery was something completely different this week. Simple purple tulips.

This design was for a coffee table and would be seen from above. The bowl was purple and the scarlet Dendrobium orchids and purple coloured ornamental cabbages complemented it well.

These arrangements were prepared for Haringey organisations this morning.

Autumn is my favourite season - I love the colours and particularly love the ornamental cabbages

Staff at the Contact Centre in Haringey love receiving our designs every Friday.