A behind the scenes look at how the Flower Bank works




Today I started collecting from Tivoli Group and I couldn’t have been more delighted. So far I’ve been able to create a funeral design.

This drawer was donated by Morrisons - it was originally a herb planter but it's now a wonderful container for flowers.

Thank you Sue Arran for contacting me with your wedding flowers. I was overwhelmed by your generosity.

Thank you Morrisons for the wonderful flowers I collected this morning.

Thank you Martin for your donation this week.

After I left this arrangement at Lady Sarah Cohen House this morning I realise that all the items including the container had been donated by branches of Morrisons throughout the year. The container was donated last summer, the peace lily before Christmas and the cactus’ were a fresh donation that morning.

This trolley load of autumnal flowers from Aldi and Morrisons were wonderful to work with at this morning's session

Deliveries in Barnet using Aldi flowers

Delivered to Jewish Care in time for the last days of Sukkot. I thought the VW container was fun to use, thank you Morrisons

Thank you Edwina from Morrisons Palmers Green for always being fantastically hellpful.

Some photographs of today's deliveries.

A selection of plants and containers in my back garden that I'm going to use later in the year and grow on.

I love upcycling old containers that I've found in charity shops and giving them new life with my designs.

Here's some photographs of me at my kitchen table unloading this morning's collection from Morrisons Palmers Green & Borehamwood and starting the conditioning process..

Thank you Aldi for your wonderful selection of roses.