The Molucella was kindly donated by Tivoli Services and Lilian and Gillian loved working with it.

Had a lovely time this afternoon creating ice cream arrangements with the pensioners at Friend in Need, East Barnet. I love the stripy bowls that were kindly donated by Hayes Rees.

I have collected so many daffodils in recent days that it’s hard to know where to keep them.

Some of the bunches of tulips that I’ve been given recently were given to winners of Haringey's Unsung wonen’s award on Saturday 9 March.

Today was Community Barbet’s Nowruz festival and I was only too delighted to donate a Newroz bouquet.

Yesterday with the help of Haringey’s Young Offenders we created a floral installation for Haringey’s Unsung Women’s awards. Thank you to branches of Aldi for continuing to support The Flower Bsnk.

Today I started collecting from Tivoli Group and I couldn’t have been more delighted. So far I’ve been able to create a funeral design.

Really enjoyed thisvafternoon’s session with 20 members from one of Colindale Trust’s groups. We had a go at Ikebana!

I was thrilled by what Lilian and I managed to achieve during our session today.