The Young person used a square glass vase and white basket to create his designs. The young person used pre-soaked Oasis foam as the base for his designs.

An aspidistra leaf was wrapped around the pre-soaked Oasis to make it look decorative and hide the foam. The leaf was secured in place with 2 decorative pins and the top of the foam and base of the stems was covered with sisal.

For the second design the Young person decided to use orange roses and purple Hydrangea as colours are in contrast to each other. All the flowers were inserted in pre-soaked Oasis.

Trimmed palm leaves were added to the outside of the arrangement to create more interest.

Finished floral arrangement

Delivered Thursday 22 June

Delivery to Priscilla Wakefield House and display

Friday 23 June – In our session today , the young person used a number of different flowers to create 2 arrangements which were delivered to Priscilla Wakefield House and Haringey’s Contact Centre and Lady Sarah Cohen House. The Young person used the end of code flowers donated to “The Flower Bank” by Morrisons and Aldi.

Friday 16 June - The Young Person used different pots to create different designs. Using pre-soaked Oasis foam as the base he began to create his designs.

He cut the flower stems with scissors at a 45° angle which makes the stems easier to place in the foam.

He selected flowers from a similar colour tone and left the stems straight and tall. Moss was used to hide the oasis and gave the design a vegetative feel.

The second pot was a copper basket which was filled with a variety of summer flowers including Roses and Hydrangea whose stems were cut short and inserted into the oasis foam.

When the designs were delivered to the venues, the young person arranged the displays in situ.

The second delivery was to Priscilla Wakefield House.

Thanks to Morrisons and Aldi for their end of code flowers.