On Wednesday 20 June I was privileged to attend a reception at the House of Commons and receive my certificate from the Festival of Learning for my contribution to Social Impact. It was a beautiful afternoon and a great opportunity to meet other winners and highly commends and hear their fascinating and inspiring stories.

I thought it would be whimsical to give our arrangements a World Cup theme at our Friday session. Everyone enjoyed creating these designs.

We tried to create a Jules Rimet trophy and England football.

We had some lovely hydrangeas which we thought would be great to make the football from.

For the past 3 sessions I’ve been fortunate enough to have the same 2 young people. They’ve really taken to floristry which I’m delighted about. This week they both made frames from Midilino sticks and chicken wire and then made the flower arrangements.

Yesterday I spent the day at the Barnet Medieval Festival making Kokedamas. As a native of Lancaster it was fascinating to learn more about the Battle of Barnet and the part the battle played in the War of the Roses.

At last week’s session we made a family of dogs from Chrysanthemums and Carnations. Mine was the worst - the 2 young people really loved their designs.

I love this bird cage acquired from Mind in Southgate it looks great with the vibrant flowers from Aldi.

I received a large donation of vases and containers from FIN in East Barnet last week and I was able to use one of their containers delivered to Barnet’s contact centre.

We’ve been working hard at Pulford Road over the last few weeks and things are slowly progressing. The young people have worked phenomenally hard.

This is how we left the site yesterday - although still a long way to go we can start to visualise the completed garden.