The fantastically talented Sue Arran of Sue Arran Flowers kindly donated the flowers from a wedding that she'd prepared. From her generous gift I was able to create a number of designs for organisations in Barnet. This hydrangea and delphinium arrangement was prepared for Goodwin Court in East Barnet.

The flowers from Sue Arran enabled me to create a beautiful Hydrangea in a basket for the Barnet Contact Centre.

From the flowers that were donated from a joyful wedding I was able to create a funeral wreath.

Thank you Sue Arran for contacting me with your wedding flowers. I was overwhelmed by your generosity.

Thank you Morrisons for the wonderful flowers I collected this morning.

It's been a hugely emotional couple of weeks for football fans worldwide. Even the Floristry world was able to enter into the spirit with these miniature Jules Rimet trophy picks!

I had forgotten how much I love alliums - the purple flower head contrasts beautifully with the yellow chrysanthemums.

The latest summery funeral wreath - I hope to be able to launch this service properly later in the year.

Progress at Pulford Road continues - the blistering heat hasn't been great for the plants and soil - on the plus side there are no slugs.

In this garden we're determined to re-cycle as many things as possible. We're having great fun finding different uses for the tyres, my next door neighbour gave me his old sink and I think this will look wonderful planted with herbs.

Last week I was presented with a Certificate from Joanne McCartney and a beautiful bouquet from my former floristry tutor Melissa Pauley at Capel Manor's annual awards ceremony. It was in recognition of the Flower Bank's work and I was honoured to be part of such an inspirational afternoon.